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Mould Ejection System
Mould Ejection Systems are useful for effective removal of plastic residues present in mold after completion of molding process. Accessible in different design choices, this product range is appreciated for its long working life, low maintenance design and reasonable price.
Mould Alignment Products
Available in different design based choices, this array of Mould Alignment Products is useful for maintaining correct alignment of cavity core during molding process. Available in different size ranges, this array of molding accessories has excellent surface hardness and strong abrasion resistant attributes. 
Slide retainer
Highly durable Slide Retainers are required as suitable supporting accessories during molding process to promote uninterrupted movement of slides. Accessible in different design choices, these low maintenance  molding tools are offered in different initial force, final force and weight based choices.
Mould Latches
This array of Mould Latches has been specially developed from three plate molds. Available in different specifications, this array of latches deserves praise for its long lasting quality, ease of handling and accurate dimension. These quality tested molds can be availed at reasonable rate from us.
Mould Date Indicators
Mould Date Indicators offered by us have significant role in successful completion of injection molding process. Developed from 420 grade high carbon steel, this product range is appreciated for its long lasting quality, ergonomic appearance and ease of parts replacement.
Mould Cooling Products
Mould Cooling Products offered by us are useful for controlling flow direction of coolants and also for promoting fast dissipation of heat from heated molds. Made of brass and steel, this product range improves molding standard and reduces production cost.
Mould & Mould Base Accessories
Mould & Mould Base Accessories offered by us have crucial role in maintaining design precision of molded products. Made of S50C grade steel, these accessories are useful to reduce molding downtime and also to improve standard of molded products.
Piercing Punches
 Known for their exceptional strength, offered range of Piercing Punches is appreciated for its ergonomic look. Shape and appearance of these metal punches resemble to hard metal rods. These have sharp tip based design, seamless surface finish and blunt barrel end type design.
Ball Cage
Made of aluminum, brass and polymer, this array of ball cages is used as integral part of ball bearings. Frictional force generated by these cages boosts performance of ball bearings. These metal cages are accessible in different specifications to choose from.
Die Springs
Made of premium grade chrome alloy made rectangular wires, this range of die springs is reckoned for its exceptional compressive force. These metal springs are capable of enduring high compressive force and heavy environmental stress. Long working life is one of the main aspects of these metal springs.
Metal Couplings
Metal Couplings offered by us are used for transferring of required amount of torque and power between two movable shafts. Available in different raw materials, surface finish and design based choices, this array of couplings can be availed at reasonable rate from us.
Mould Parting lock
As suitable molding accessories, Mold Parting locks are used to adjust friction between nylon sleeves and templates simply by securely locking of tapered bolts.  Available in standard diameter and length based choices, this product range is perfect for high temperature based jobs.

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